5 Questions for a Popskullian: Maddie Marret

Meet Maddie Marret, Popskull’s lead strategist, research queen, and HubSpot wizard. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in three years, interning at Ogilvy & Mather, and working at Havas, she joined the Popskull team. Maddie thrives off of combing through and collecting data that tells a story for clients. She helps Popskull’s clients uncover their unique offerings, where they stand in the market, and how they can define themselves through our Common Ground practice. When she’s not working, Maddie enjoys long runs through Logan Square, watching Teen Mom (it’s okay, we judge her too) and playing with her cat, Kitten.

  1. Talent you wish you had?
    Reading people’s minds. Does that count as a talent?
    I’m always curious what people are ACTUALLY thinking.

  2. Favorite game Popskull plays at game night?
    TRAINS! (RE: Ticket to Ride) But it takes hours and the Europe version is hard. So really, I’d say Farkle. It’s so eventful and exciting!

  3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
    “Don’t take it personally.”
    If a client pushes back, they’re not rejecting you as a human being, they’re reacting to the work. I’m still working on this one everyday.

  4. App on your phone you can’t live without?
    Pandora! I wouldn’t be able to survive my commute without it.

  5. Favorite La Croix flavor?
    Coconut or Mango! Yummm

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