Case Study: Swoon Staffing

Founded in 2009, Swoon Group, a technology and professional services recruiting firm, needed help breaking into the highly competitive technology recruiting space. Founder Andy Baker, former CEO of Glotel, and current Swoon CEO, Michelle Baker, turned to Popskull to help them successfully launch their company and ensure future growth.

To help Swoon stand apart from the stiff competition, Popskull identified how to distinctly differentiate the company in the crowded staffing space through their Brand Strategy practice. Nothing about Swoon was transactional; Swoon’s founders saw the value in truly nurturing employees, and treating every relationship–client or candidate–as a long-term one. Popskull uncovered that “Swooners” did things differently; they genuinely cared about their clients and candidates, unlike the competition. To them, staffing was not a numbers game.

Listen. Place. Care

Those three words, their Common Ground, captured exactly how Swooners approached each new recruit, listening to their needs, placing them thoughtfully, and caring about their future success.
This insight enabled Popskull to create a unique brand identity for Swoon and deliver consistent and sophisticated creative executions ranging from sales collateral to social media and video content. As Swoon grew and the market changed, Popskull continued to deliver ongoing support to meet the new needs of Baker and his company.

With a clear strategy and an eight year partnership, Popskull enabled Swoon to grow from a startup to the successful, award-winning staffing firm they are today with over 50 employees and offices across the country. To date, Swoon has won INC 5000, Best of Staffing Awards, Best Place to Work, and more.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Key Messaging
  • Website Design and Development
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Management
  • Sales Collateral
  • Videos

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