Facebook Ad Objectives, Simplified

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to reach your consumer and create relevant connections with them. With detailed targeting options and a suite of different ad formats, you can deliver the right message to the right people in exactly the right way.
To take the guesswork out of Facebook advertising, we’re breaking down a few of Facebook’s frequently used ad objectives to help you better understand which ad types are most effective for achieving your business goals.


Engagement ads, also known as sponsored posts, generate likes, comments, and shares on your organic Facebook posts. Facebook takes your post and puts it in front of people most likely to engage with said content. Not only does this increase your engagement rate, it creates awareness around your brand or product. The more eyeballs the better.


Reach ads help you spread the word, whatever that may be, by putting your message in front of as many people as possible. Simply put, reach ads are optimized to be shown to the maximum number of people.

Brand Awareness

Facebook optimizes the audience of your ad and shows it to people most likely to be interested in your brand, thus creating relevant awareness.


Traffic ads contain links and are optimized for clicks. You should use this ad type when you want to send users to your external website, landing page, or other designated url. Traffic ads are a valuable tool in increasing website traffic. Consider using traffic ads to boost sales on your ecommerce page.

Determining how to align your business objectives with different ad formats is the key to Facebook advertising success. Every ad type is a little different with varying specs and formats, but each one is geared to help you reach your unique goals.

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