5 Questions for a Popskullian: PJ Rashid

Chicago guy. Car guy. Music guy. Our guy. Meet PJ, co-founder and Managing Partner here at Popskull. With a diverse background that ranges from finance to copywriting, PJ is equal parts creative thinker and business driver. He loves telling dad jokes, consuming copious amounts of sugar (preferably in the form of a brownie), and most importantly, creating growth for our clients. Outside of the Popskull office, he’s most likely burning rubber at GingerMan Raceway or eating his way through Sheboygan.

  1. Chicago Deep Dish or Chicago Style Beef?
    There’s no such thing as “Chicago style beef”. It’s an Italian beef, aka “a beef”. As far as which one is better, it is completely dependent on the meal occasion. Deep dish for lunch will shut you down for the rest of the day. You might as well have a burrito filled with a pound of refried beans and horse tranquilizers. A beef, on the other hand, powers you up. I’ve also noticed, when prepared properly with hot peppers and a dipping, a beef is a great cure for a stomach ache and the common cold.*

    For dinner, the tables are turned. A beef just doesn’t cut it. For dinner, stuff the pie hole with a deep dish pizza pie for the perfect end to the day.

    *this statement not verified by the FDA or the CDC. Please consult your doctor is you feel any irregularity or dial 911 if it is a medical emergency.

  2. Best concert you’ve ever been to?
    I’m moved by all kinds a music. I’ve teared up with joy at symphonies and backroom jazz clubs. I’ve gotten my soul cleansed by reggae, jazz, and rock bar hopping in New Orleans. I’ve been front and center for Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, and Metallica (before they died in a plane crash after recording ...And Justice for All). I’ve started mosh pits at Reverend Horton Heat. But if I had to choose one experience, the one that I would take to a desert island to live over and over, it would be seeing The Who in 1997 in Tinley Park. It left me motionless and dumbstruck from the first note through the encores. The power was unbelievable. 

  3. Dream car?
    As a gearhead who could physically sustain himself without food and water by simply walking among the great automotive masterpieces, this is the impossible question. As such, I have to break it down:

    Track day garage (aka LeMans Trio)
    Ferrari 458 Speciale
    Porsche GT3 (manual)
    Chevy Corvette Z06 (manual)

    Everyday garage
    Audi RS3
    Chevy Bolt

    Barn garage
    Lamborghini Miura
    AC 427 Cobra

  4. I can’t start my day without…
    30 minutes of mindfulness around being grateful for everything and all of the ways I’m going to honor my blessings by growing personally and professionally. 

  5. Favorite client memory?
    Too many to name individually. The common denominator is when a client has been thrilled with the work, either when they’re first seeing it or when the results have come back and the work has hit the numbers or beyond. It’s making more of those memories that drives me.

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