How to Optimize your Holiday Social Media Content

Optimizing your social media content is hard enough as it is. With more advertisers snatching up ad space, Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, and widespread short attention spans, there’s a lot working against you to simply get a few eyeballs on your clever caption and perfectly styled image. Add the holiday season into the mix, and now you’re dealing with a real unmanageable and unpredictable beast.

So, how exactly can you keep cost per engagement down and rival that picture of Aunt Judy’s pumpkin pie? We’ll tell you.

Build Interest Early

The sooner you start building interest around your brand, the better your holiday content will perform. Before the Thanksgiving turkey is carved, start optimizing your ads on Facebook and Instagram for Brand Awareness to reach the highest number of people. Instead of fighting for likes, clicks and comments in the thick of the holiday season, you will be able to target those same people who have already engaged with certain types of past content and are primed to do so again. Creating awareness around your product or service in the offseason will ensure you’re top of mind when holiday shoppers hit the stores, or better yet, your website.

Create Thoughtful Content

Everyone hops on the holiday content bandwagon whether with their take on the pumpkin pie or a seasonal sale. If done so thoughtfully, the holidays remain a great time to engage with your audience. When content planning, keep key dates in mind and always ask yourself, will my audience engage with this? If your content is authentic, on brand, and can spark an emotional connection with your audience, then the answer is yes. Posting holiday content just for the sake of posting won’t win you the kinds of conversions you’re after.

Target Intentionally

A sure way to be pleased with your social media report come January is to target the right people. With custom audiences, you can narrow down the people who are most likely to send a like or comment your way. With the following custom Facebook audiences, you have a better shot at keeping costs down and getting noticed through all of the clutter.

  1. Custom Audience #1: People who have visited your website
  2. Custom Audience #2: People who have viewed your video(s)
  3. Custom Audience #3: Upload email lists and target those individuals plus a lookalike audience created by Facebook based on those email addresses

These audiences will keep your cost/action as low as possible while optimizing your awareness and engagement. Win win.

Install a Pixel 

To track website traffic you’re receiving from your social content, make sure your Facebook pixel is installed and working properly. This will help you monitor conversions from holiday content and track the movement of people on your website. Pixels allow you to remarket to those same people, helping you optimize traffic and sales.

With thoughtful, timely content and strategic targeting, your holiday social will perform great, no matter how delicious Aunt Judy’s pumpkin pie looks.

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