The Power of Motion Picture

Have you ever found yourself leaving the movie theater in a dream-like state, feeling as though your faded polyester seat transported you to another world, let you in on a big secret, and then returned you to reality an entirely new person? The power of motion picture is undeniable, and chances are, you could fire off three movie titles that changed you, or at least left a lasting impression (go ahead, we’ll wait).

Film has a captivating way of communicating human truths and illustrating the human experience–it’s why we feel so connected to fictional characters and their storylines. Welling up during a heart-wrenching break up scene or belly laughing at someone else’s blunder is a result of us projecting ourselves and empathizing with the people on screen.

That’s why, when executed correctly, an advertiser’s greatest tool is motion picture.

Video content, in the realm of social and digital advertising, is more likely to be engaged with, converts better and gets you the best ROI. For those reasons, the ad format has become increasingly popular on social platforms as more brands seek to capture consumers’ attention while they’re browsing Facebook or scrolling through Instagram.

Effective advertising tells a story, just like great films, and ideally tells a story that sticks with your consumer, that they share with other people, and ultimately that they tie to your brand. Flashy video content that doesn’t reflect your brand, or that doesn’t tell a relevant story will fall flat every single time. When creating content, video or not, you always need to think about the emotional connection between your brand and your consumer, and go from there.

While it may be tempting to reach for your smartphone to get the job done, don’t. You should invest in quality creative and production partners to execute your plan against your objectives, be that brand awareness or sales. As the adage goes, “There’s nothing more expensive than cheap advertising.”

Check out some of the video work we’ve done for our clients.

Skinny Pop - New Flavor Launch



Dusted Dark Chocolate


The Results:

3 Second views: 213,017
Reach: 552,553
Impressions: 658,387

3 Second views: 216,371
Reach: 1,262,284
Impressions: 1,399,708

Dusted Dark Chocolate
3 Second views: 299,036
Reach: 698,364
Impressions: 845,296

3 Second views: 302,106
Reach: 1,186,186
Impressions: 1,310,435

Tramontina - Be a Better Cook Campaign

"Eggs" :30


"Pancakes" :30

The Results:

48.1% Brand Awareness
90.5% Purchase Consideration (Google Best in Class)
39.2% View Through

Swoon - Culture Videos 

Inside Swoon

Swoon on the Record 

 The Results:

Increased positive sentiment among employment prospects
Garnered 10k views 

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